Unauthorized vaccine scheduling link leads to canceled appointments at Long Island at Stony Brook University

SUFFOLK COUNTY, Long Island (WABC) – New Yorkers thought they had taken an appointment for a COVID vaccine at Stony Brook University Hospital, shocked to learn that their appointments were abruptly canceled Is accidentally on the link published on.

The general counsel for the Office of Information Technology Services said the unauthorized scheduling link was published this week.

The governor’s office said it was a valid, internal link, that was incorrectly shared with the public and put on social media, so those with the link “had an unfair advantage that others did not.”

The link affected residents not only on Long Island, but throughout New York State.

The following statement was issued regarding the accidental publication:

“It has come to our attention that an unpublished scheduling link was shared on social media this week without authorization, allowing some New Yorkers to appoint vaccines for state-run sites that are not currently open and Byington, Not hiring in Buffalo. Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Stony Brook and Utica. With an abundance of caution, we referred the issue to the Inspector General. As this epidemic has shown, equity and equal access are important in the distribution of vaccines, And all are unauthorized to follow these principles. The appointments are voided – we’re currently contacting all who used the unauthorized link to provide status information. All of us New Yorker information Will continue to protect and ensure equal access to the vaccine for all. As a reminder, the only way. Signing up for vaccinations at state-run locations is the I-Qualified website for the Department of Health. “

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Those who made appointments with this link are being informed that their appointments are not valid, and officials say that none of the people who signed up for these vaccines are one. An official said the appointments were for sites that had not yet been established.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the site was scheduled to go live on Friday, and to give everyone a good shot at the spot, appointments were erased and available at the time they were supposed to be available.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” Cuomo said. “There was a similar case in New York City. Someone took out a notification that the vaccination site was going to happen and people were flocked to the site.”

The governor’s top aide, Melissa Derasa, said it is speculated that the site was hacked or someone leaked the link.

“It’s going to be a big problem unfortunately when you have 7 million people and you have such limited supply, it creates anxiety, fraud, the black market,” Cuomo said. “You’ll see people on the internet saying they’ll sell the vaccine. You’ll see some vials sold. I’d bet they are worth it. You’ll see hacking, fraud, theft. It’s almost as predictable as ugly. And this is unfortunate.

He said he has the state’s Attorney General, who monitors such situations.

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Cuomo said that most appointments in the state were being booked up to 14 weeks in advance, and most distributors are fully booked.

The state is expecting more federal allocations.

“The federal government created a crisis by increasing eligibility, but did not increase supply,” Cuomo said.

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