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Ukrainian startup has developed portable device for warming up food at work – National Industrial Portal

Startup Neoven has created a portable induction stove that is placed in a bag and allows you to heat up food at any time

Preheat the food with Neoven's oven at the office, car, train or park. Also, the appliance can cool fresh fruits, vegetables and greens, and cook hot and cold drinks. The stove will be irreplaceable for office workers, travelers and young parents.

Transmits National Industrial Portal, referring to AIN

Neoven – an individual portable induction furnace with additional modules for a mini refrigerator, an electric kettle. The device operates on three batteries with a capacity of 6000 mAh and is fully charged for two hours. Developers argue that one charge is enough to operate the appliance for five days, provided it is used twice a day.

The heating of the Heta is used to heat the food in Neoven. The main compartment is a large container in which you can put food intended for heating. The heating takes place only in this area.

The second unit of the device is designed for a small container in which you can put salad or fruit, as well as install modules. Module configuration can be changed. Both containers are installed inside Neoven so that they can carry liquid dishes without fear of shedding them. The set consists of a mini-fridge, a module-kettle, a mixer that allows you to prepare a fresh juice or a cocktail. The modules are connected to the device by means of magnetic contacts, which simplifies the assembly and makes it reliable. The control of the device is carried out directly with the buttons on the main module, or remotely through the mobile application. Two switching modes are available: urgent and timer. Estimated cost of the product is $ 199, however, the final price will be announced later.

The startup was founded by Maxim Nakonechny, a Ukrainian, in 2017. Today, the company is based in Tel Aviv, where Maxim is currently resident. It is developing and assembling the device. At the moment, the team of Neoven 5 people, all – Ukrainians. The R & D partner Denis Galamagh and the designer Ilya Kichuk, who had previously collaborated with iBlazr and Mevics, are taking part in the startup.

After the TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018 show, which I presented to Neoven, we received a good fanbase from Samsung R & D Institute Israel and Bosch (Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH) . They received suggestions on product development assistance as well as consulting support at various stages. Therefore, the temporary relocation to Israel went only for the benefit of the company, – told Maxim Nakonechny.

The startup is confident that their stove will become popular, because a social survey conducted in the United States showed that most office workers prefer to have lunch at work place at least three times a week. In this case, office microwave ovens, refrigerators and electric kettles, according to 70% of the polled, are in poor condition. Neoven Portable Oven will allow you to refuse to use them and have hot food without leaving your workplace.

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