The USA supports Ukraine for nearly $ 700 million

The USA supports Ukraine for nearly $ 700 million


Greater US support for Ukraine in budget for 2019

An American leader agreed in the budget for 2019 to increase the financial support given to Ukraine.

US Trustee, Donald Trump, has signed his name to a legislative package agreed by the Transport, Increase aid to Ukraine to almost $ 700 million. About this on Friday, February 15, the US Ambassador's report in the United States on Facebook.

"A folder is included The State Department's appropriate law, foreign jobs and related programs for the 2019 fiscal yearPost-estimate The estimate of support for Ukraine under this law was increased and the $ 445.7 million agreed, "said the report.

It is noted that a significant proportion of these assets will be used to increase $ 115 million in the cost of providing technical weapons support to Ukraine under the program International military fundingSouth Westerly

At the same time, as set out by the delegation, the total amount of assets for Ukraine is aided in the fiscal year of 2019, which includes 250 million to the Pentagon Previously, almost 695.7 million dollars.

The special sum of 75 million dollars is higher than the provisions provided for Ukraine in 2018.

The Ukraine allocates $ 10 million due to the situation in Azov

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