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The Mask idea of ​​conquering Mars in NASA was called unreal

 The Mask idea of ​​conquering Mars in NASA is said to be unrealistic

Photo: ESA

Conquest of Mars was called unreal

According to the agency's experts, creating conditions on the Red Planet that are suitable for life is virtually impossible. Normal





NASA said that Ilona Mask's plans to conquer the Red Planet are unrealistic. According to a recent study, even the bombardment of Mars with nuclear weapons will not change this situation. This is what Nature Astronomy writes about.

According to the Mask Therapharming idea, a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide could be emitted and trapped on the planet.

It was possible to maintain water in liquid form due to the concentration of the atmosphere by heating the planet. In fact, the same greenhouse effect that has changed the climate on Earth.

However, researcher Bruce Yaroski of the University of Colorado stated that even with the heating of the planet nuclear explosions of gases would be insufficient.

"Modern technologies, even the most powerful, are not capable to change the conditions on Mars, "he said.

Earlier it was reported that NASA showed colorful photos of Jupiter's atmosphere in high resolution.

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