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Tesla has sold all the surf boards from the limited collection. Press Ukraine

Anya Martyniuk July 31, 2018, 13:49

 Tesla sold all boards for surfing from a limited collection

Another product from Tesla, surf boards, was instantly sold out immediately after the announcement of their online sale. Nevertheless, there were such surfers who immediately decided to resell the board. It became known why.

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Tesla has released limited-edition Tesla Surfboard limited-edition surfboard comets. They appeared on the market on July 28 and, as of July 31, they all sold off. We are talking about 200 pieces that the company will send to customers in early August.

Extremals did not even scare the high price – $ 1,500. As you know, for Americans, this amount is lifting. However, traditionally, after the full sale of popular products they can be found on the eBay site. However, on this site, vendors offer somewhat higher prices in order to earn from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per board.

It is worth noting that the Tesla board has become a prominent place in a series of products that do not harm the environment. Recall, among other cars Model S, Model X and Model 3. So, the feature of the surfboard from Tesla is that it is presented in saturated red and black colors. In the middle you can see the logo of the company.

"I also note that the Tesla board may seem a bit more qualitative. However, for enthusiasts to conquer waves, enough will be a standard board at a price of 700 to 800 dollars ", – commented the surfer Matt Biolos.

By the way, the company Tesla did not explain why suddenly decided to release a series of surfboards. It is also unknown whether this is due to the recent financial problems that arose due to production delays.


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