Sebastian Vettel: It gave us time to repair

Sebastian Vettel directs a first-day fire trial protocol in Abu Dhabi. In the morning broke a & # 39; Germany to car in the & # 39; first time, damaging the wing of a & # 39; In the background he repaired time, and he only moved 68 laps, but he was happy with the work done …

Sebastian Vettel (1d): "The purpose of these tests is to get their first understanding of the new tires when the weekend reminiscences are still new, which is being make comparisons between the writings.

Unfortunately, today, repairs have been lost due to auto repair, but otherwise it was not surprising – the new tires work and are similar to those that We used the past season.

We see how the 2019 new regulations will affect the speed of cars, and how they work with tires, according to the rubber companies on different routes. "

On Wednesday, a fire of exams on the back of Ferrari's wheel will be held by Charles Leclaire.

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