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Pugacheva and Galkin escape from Russia – the media

Famous humorist Maxim Galkin and singer Alla Pugacheva are going to obtain a residence permit in one of the European countries


Today 08:26

PHOTO: depo.ua

This is written by the Russian edition "Dni.ro", referring to the source of the pair, reports Depo.ua.

According to him, for this purpose, they flew to Cyprus after a rest in Scandinavia.

"And Maxim, and Alla Borisovna, as far as I know, went to Europe in the summer to fix the latest issues with obtaining a residence permit. It requires the presence of all family members, who received European passports, so the singer and her husband took with them children, "the source said.

It is noted that for the sake of this purpose, Pugachev even closed his eyes to his aerophobia.

Recall Galkin showed a romantic photo with Pugachev.

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