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UKIP leader Henry Bolton hits the national executive committee

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Mr. Bolton, who took over as UKIP leader in September, has resisted calls to resign

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has said that the national party executive committee (NEC) has no right to judge his personal life.

And he warned that UKIP faced extinction if the NEC voted to get rid of him as a leader when he was later.

Mr. Bolton has faced repeated calls to resign for the offensive texts sent by his ex-girlfriend.

He told the BBC Pienaar & # 39; s Politics that the NEC "was not a court of moral judgment".

said he had ended the "romantic element" of his relationship with Jo Marney after sending text messages saying that Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, would "stain" the royal family.

But he said he would "support it in the reconstruction of his life," which he said had been "reversed."

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The UKIP leader prepares to face the party bosses at an emergency NEC meeting later.

The committee does not have the power to end up eating Mr. Bolton's leadership, which requires a larger party vote.

But if the former army officer left the UKIP he would seek his fifth leader in 18 months.

& # 39; Survival & # 39;

Senior UKIP figures have warned that the party faces extinction if it continues as a leader, but said it could happen if it collapsed in another leadership contest.

"If the NEC decides to follow the path of months of internal struggles and more negative analysis of the media when deciding to approve a vote of distrust in me, I think the reality is that the party is probably over," he said on Sunday. ITV Peston

He said the NEC should focus on ensuring that the party "survival" instead of discussing its leadership.

"Your job should be to ensure that the party is able to project its policy," John Pienaar told 5 live.

"They should be more concerned about the elements within the party that are busy and committed to not fighting and undermining the party and its coherence.

" That's what the NEC should focus on. They are not a court of moral judgment. While my personal life is obviously in the public interest, this is a matter of UKIP's survival and future, and that is what they should be looking at. "

On her relationship with Jo Marney, she said:" She has been vilified and rightfully criticized for the statements she has made … She is out of the party and, as far as the party and politics are concerned, that has changed. "

" Last Chance Room "

Gerard Batten , UKIP MEP for London, said that Mr. Bolton's position was "unsustainable" and that the controversy was "damaging the party."

Mr. Batten told BBC Breakfast that he was willing to intervene as interim leader.

He said: On Monday, if Henry is still the leader of this party, we will lose members, activists, branches and donors, and this endangers the very existence of our party. "

Patrick O & # 39; Flynn, UKIP MEP for the East of England, told BBC One Sunday Politics East that the party could be "wiped out" if it does poorly in M ​​ay local elections.

"There is no doubt that the party is drinking in the lounge of the last opportunity," he said.

"If we are also eliminated again in the district elections, then maybe people will have to go around the table and say: Is the electorate trying to tell us something and that is a lot of thanks and Goodnight & # 39; s ""

Jonathan Arnott, UKIP MEP for the northeast of England, resigned from the party in the middle of calls to Mr Bolton resigned, saying that the leader "was not the right person for the job" and that the UKIP's influence on Brexit was waning.

He said that the UKIP had "changed" its position on religious and cultural issues to a degree that it could not support.

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