UK serial killer Levi Bellfield offered COVID-19 vaccine

One of Britain’s most notorious serial killers has been offered a COVID-19 job ahead of Britain’s millions of elderly and most vulnerable people – a report condemned as a “national scandal”.

Levi Bellfield – who killed three people, including 13-year-old Millie Dowler, offered to give her a vaccine in the coming weeks, even as the program only rolled out to more than 70 people, The Sun said.

David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention called it “a national scam”.

“The perception of criminals takes precedence over law-abiding citizens, says everything about the way our criminal justice system operates at the moment,” he told The Sun.

Former home secretary David Blunkett said it believed “inmates should be given any opportunity to get vaccinated early on, let alone the child murderer”.

“I hope the Secretary of Justice will immediately step in and find out why rare vaccine supplements are being deployed this way – and whose idea it was.”

Bellfield, 52, is serving two whole lives, meaning he will have to spend the rest of his life behind bars with the possibility of parole.

Most regular Brits live in their homes under strict lockouts due to the raging epidemic, with some care home residents among millions of caregivers still waiting for their shots.

The murderer received the offer in a letter sent to the top-security Frankland Jail, Co Durham, where he reportedly lamented about not getting it soon because the epidemic “could spread like wildfire,” threatening prisoners ” Putting in, ”said Surya. .

It was unclear what other inmates in the jail received similar offers, including another notorious child murderer, Ian Huntley, as well as a street beheading terrorist Lee Rigby, UK paper said.

Former policemen who caught Bellfield – and whose memoirs are the basis of the TV show “Manhunt” – called the proposal of an opening job “horrifying.”

“Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton told the UK paper,” Prison employees, police officers, teachers, shopkeepers and delivery drivers – the people who are carrying us – should be given priority.

Following the outrage, a source in the Ministry of Justice emphasized to Surya that “there is no vaccine preference for prisoners, nor will there be.”

“No minister has seen this letter or feels that criminals should have better access to vaccines than those who follow the law,” the source said.

A ministry spokesperson also insisted, “Any kind of treatment of the general public to suggest to the inmates is utter nonsense.”


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