UGA’s schedule is unaffected by the 10-game SEC schedule projection

A move to 10 conference games for the 2020 season is more likely for the Southeast Conference. The league athletic director and president meets almost Thursday, so no final decision has been made, but you have the idea that this is a potential development.

This means different things for different SEC programs, but how much will this really change for Georgia? I guess not much if the initial guess came true. To understand how much things change, you must first know the exact changes that will be made.

Georgia Tech is likely to remain on schedule, given how the ACC left that option on the table and it would be clear that the SEC supported closing that game. Kentucky (Louisville), South Carolina (Clemson), and Florida (Florida State) are all in the same boat. The Bulldogs lost to Virginia, a team that should have been strong defensively but in transition to the other side of the ball. It is a game that UGA favored to win by at least double digits. The UGA will also likely lose the state of East Tennessee and Louisiana-Munro.

Initial estimates include the UGA adding Arkansas and Mississippi State as two opponents that would take the conference slate to 10 games. This is where the rubber meets the road on my theory that things just won’t change much. UGA loses Virginia, ETSU and ULM, adding a pair of third SEC programs below. Virginia is probably better than one of those programs, so the slate gets a little easier. Then both Arkansas and MSU are better than ETSU or ULM, which makes it a bit harder but how much?

The Razorbacks are coming in a 2–10 season while MSU leads 6-7. Both fired their coaches and both were about to advance severely with either team in the top third of the conference. If UGA gets Starkville, Miss. Have to travel, which is likely, which can add a degree of difficulty but keep in mind that attendance will almost certainly be limited. The UGA last made that trip in 2010 and fell by a score of 24–12, but it is a Bulldog team with a very different culture. Considering the massive reconstruction that takes place in Arkansas, the trip to Fayetteville should not be as much of a challenge.

If you’re scoring at home, UGA will play SEC West to Alabama and Mississippi State on the road, and SEC West to Auburn and Arkansas at home. It will also have six SEC East games plus Georgia Tech while dropping Virginia, ETSU, and ULM.

Given that Florida is projected to add Texas A&M and Alabama, while South Carolina is projected to add LBU and Tennessee to LSU, the UGA smells like a rose.

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