Tanya Muzinda out of the Zimbabwe team

  Tanya Muzinda

Tanya Muzinda

Collin Matiza, Harare Bureau
The best female motocross rider in the country, Tanya Muzinda, retired from the team in Zimbabwe for the FIM Africa Motocross Africa Championship in 2018 to be held at Mindola Motocross Park in Kitwe, Zambia, from August 17 to 19, since there are no classes for her at this great continental event.

Muzinda's father and manager, Tawanda, told the Herald yesterday that his daughter had left Zimbabwe's team for this year's African Championship where she claimed that there is only one class for female jockeys – 125cc.

"As you know, Tanya is currently traveling in the 85cc class (big wheel) which unfortunately is not available for women in the African Championships where there is only one class for the ladies, which is the 125cc class.

"The ladies class (in the African Championship) is a combined class of all age groups and all bike sizes; and Tanya, riding an 85cc bike, will be at a disadvantage with (other) women riding large bikes from 125cc to 450cc.

"We also could not secure a 125cc bike in time for the African Championship but definitely next year she will compete with her 125cc bike as she would have moved to this class," said Tawanda Muzinda.

Tanya (13) was initially included in a large team of 50 Zimbabwe male and female jockeys and riders who were named last month FIM Africa Motocross of African Nations Championships this year

The team was named by the Bogwheelers Club, which runs the sport of motocross motocross in this country.

But Tanya's name was missing from the revised list of 44 riders that was released by the Bogwheelers Club yesterday.

She competed for the last time in the African Championship in August 2015 when the continental event was organized by Zimbabwe at Donnybrook in Harare.

The team now has only two women riders – Leigh-Anne Y Oung and Bianca Beling – who will carry the country's flag in the Women's Class during the 2018 African Championship in Kitwe in three weeks.

One of the best junior male riders in the country, Emmanuel Bako (12) is also part of Team Zimbabwe for the trip to Zambia, where he will join his cousin Munyaradzi.

Both will compete in the Class 65cc where they will be joined by Dillan Faasen, Jordan Dewdney, Declan Barrett, Hunter Moore, Blake Prinsloo and Jack Gobey. [19659006] Another young and talented Daiyaan Manuel will be the country's standard-bearer in the 85cc class along with Tristan Versfeld, Ricky Whyte, Jamie Doran and Cameron Mellor.

But another elite rider Kuda Mhene (Jnr), who was initially included in the Zimbabwe team, retired from the team.

However, two of the South African-based Zimbabwean riders Regan Wasmuth and Jayden Ashwell are part of the team and will compete in the 125cc and MX1 categories respectively.

At this year's FIM African Motocross Africa Championships, Zimbabwe's junior and senior drivers are expected to challenge their skills against other top cyclists from seven other Africans. countries – Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Swaziland and hosts Zambia.

South Africa is the defending champion after they came out as the total winners of last year's event held in Botswana.
Zimbabwe settled for second place ahead of the 2017 hosts.

Zimbabwe revised team for the Africa Motocross 2018 Africa FIM Championship
50cc Class: Luke Southon, Karl Van As, Callum Moore, Willem Krause.
Class 65cc: Dillan Faasen, Emmanuel Bako, Jordan Dewdney, Declan Barrett, Hunter Moore, Blake Prinsloo, Jack Gobey, Munyaradzi Bako.
85cc Class: Daiyaan Manuel, Ricky Whyte, Jamie Doran, Tristan Versfeld, Cameron Mellor.
125cc Class: Regan Wasmuth, Tristan Grainger, Jayden Young, David Evans, Liam LeRoux, Luke Doran.
MX1 Class: Jayden Ashwell, Cameron Thixton, Daniel Law, John Evans, Frik Prinsloo, Hamish Perry, Ross Bredenkamp.
MX2 Class: Ashley Thixton, Joshua Goby, Tafadzwa Mawarire, Jarques Du Plessis, Bradley Perry.
Ladies' Class: Leigh-Anne Young, Bianca Beling.
Veterans Class: Warren Thorne, Doug Mellor, Phil Dos Santos, Mark Ziemann.
Class of Teachers: Shane Thomas, Lofty Versfeld, Jim Perry.

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