Uganda has over 200 bare crooks released from jail. Uganda

The Ugandan military and security forces are chasing a group of 210 prisoners who fled to a large-scale prison and were taken half-naked to avoid being identified as prisoners.

Three of those who escaped from the prison in the remote city of Moroto, 286 miles west of Compoto, have been killed and seven are in custody. A senior military officer was also killed in exchange for fire at the prison in the foothills of Mount Moroto on Wednesday afternoon.

The prisoners made their escape after breaking into an arsenal at the prison, where 620 people were being caught, and the gun warden was carrying gun and ammunition before being captured.

“The army is in search,” said Uganda People’s Defense Force spokesman Brig Flavia Byekwaso. “They removed all their uniforms because the yellow color was eluding them.”

“They are warriors. They are used to bush, they know how to run. They get to know the area and the area very well, ”she said.

Prison service spokesman Frank Baine described the jailbreak in Uganda as one of the rarest cases of its kind.

The prisoners were considered dangerous amid the escape and were jailed for being involved in deadly armed cattle raids in Karamozha, a degraded area bordering South Sudan and Kenya.

“The chase is going on,” Baine said. “But they are definitely warriors on their home ground. They know all the tactics about the army: disintegrate, hide, disassemble [naked] And the like.

“The moment he came out of jail, he ran in different directions. But most of them were heading for Mount Moroto, where it is almost a man’s land and they are non-stop. “

The incident marks the escape of the third Ugandan prisoner since the outbreak of the coronovirus in March. In other cases, the efforts of inmates in a tight prison are suspected of contracting the virus.

Ugandan prisons have reported at least three cases of coronovirus.

According to the Prison Service, the total number of prisoners in Uganda rose by 10% to 65,000 in the five months of August – a large number of people who were arrested for violations of various anti-coronovirus measures, such as curfews And travel restrictions. .

Byekwaso said that a helicopter “had to be called to fire at the inmates” if necessary. “The army is doing this and can ensure that these people are brought up again and we are sure that we will,” he said.

Reuters contributed to this report