UFO sighting map shows if extraterrestrials are present on Earth


Scientists have not shown whether the aliens are real or not. However, in recent years, everything related to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been extremely controversial. On the other hand, the reports of people who reported seeing indescribable objects flying in the sky have increased, and some of those people have even taken their time to record them and upload them to YouTube. Now, there is a UFO sighting map that shows the areas where the aliens have supposedly come to visit. The map has been created by UFO Stalker in the MUFON case management system, and according to him, there have been more than 5000 UFO sightings during the last year.

  UFO sighting

People who decide to consult the map can see the location and date when the last UFO sighting was sighted. Users can even detect the UFO symbols that are in the region on the map, and allow them to click on it to get more information. According to the map, seven UFO sightings have been reported in Aberdeen. According to the report, a person was looking out the kitchen window and noticed a red and white light that blinked every two seconds. The person was sure that this could not be a plane or a helicopter. The object traveled to the north.

The report indicates that there have been fewer such sightings in Australia, since only four of those accidents were reported in November. According to the map, the EE. UU They are at the top with 26 accidents. Data from the UFO sighting map suggest that the vast majority of these reports come from large urban areas and cities, such as New York. In addition, you can obtain information about UFO accidents by day, month and year.

It is worth mentioning that most accidents related to UFOs have been detected during the summer and, most importantly, during the night. But, as there have never been proven aliens, the sightings will remain a mystery. In addition, the map has not yet been proven to be authentic, so it is not certain if the data it contains is true or false.

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