UFC President Dana White reveals that Conor McGregor is negotiating a “new deal”, says that he may still never fight again.


At a TUF 26 media lunch today, UFC President Dana White spoke in depth about his biggest star, lightweight champion Conor McGregor. After talking about McGregor's supposed participation in a bar fight in Dublin that has the tabloids buzzing, he decided to talk about a wide variety of other things regarding the Irish wrestler as well.

On the way, he commented on the McGregor incident in a Bellator cage a couple of weeks ago, if he will fight again, if he compares his situation to that of Jon Jones, how being rich changes people and some other things more .

On Bellator's problems and if that stopped him from a rumored comeback of the UFC on December 30:

"The punishment, you know, I was being treated by the ABC boss, and we were going to fight him. … regardless of what Audie (Attar) says, we were working on a fight for him at the end of the year, and he's just not ready. "

" We're still on that … Conor could never fight again. He has a couple of hundred dollars Fighting is the worst, try to get up and get punched in the face every day when you have a hundred million dollars, money changes everything with a lot of people, then we'll see. "

. …

"And the other thing with Bellator is that he's a young and rich kid who is God in Ireland, that's not the healthiest environment either, I do not know if you remember at the beginning with Jon Jones, there's no doubt that the talent was there, I used to go, the guy has talent, but he's young and he's rich and he's He is the king of the world at this time. I hope I can keep it together. And that's long before any of the cranks started. "

When Jones grew up, reporters asked him about Dana's public statements about Jones a few years ago during his promotion, warning him about" clinging "and others. guys who come along with the package when you get rich quickly. "When it is implied that Conor is not in that situation and brings a lot of himself, White interrupts:

" Conor also has a lot. When he travels, he has people with him for days. When you win that kind of money, you're so famous, and you're a professional athlete, you're going to have an overload of clinging. "

On Conor's attitude, and the idea that negotiating with him is difficult:

" Actually, it's not that hard to deal with. If I could appear the day before, it would be perfect. He is arrogant, he deserves to be arrogant, the child is incredible. Being arrogant is part of this business. If you're not arrogant, you're probably in the wrong business. You have to believe in yourself the way this man believes in himself. "

Finally, he revealed that they wanted McGregor to fight on the December 30 card, after ruling out what interim champion Tony Ferguson has to say about The subject, White indicated that it is not just about discovering that fight, said that McGregor is negotiating a new agreement:

"At this moment with him, it is not about defending or evicting. We are working on a new agreement now with him. "

He is then asked if McGregor will get" points, "that is, property, something that McGregor has made demands on.

" Jordan got points? "he said.

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