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UFC 225, The Morning After: Whittaker vs. Romero scorecards – were you right?

Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero had a fight from last year's competition, in what would have been the biggest title fight in the history of middleweight if it was not for .2 pounds. That is the margin for which Romero lost weight, a fault for which he blames the commission, which prevented him from cutting more weight. Of course, his reasoning probably included that he was in a very bad state, which makes his performance in the Octagon more incredible.

Robert Whittaker said the following:

Hit like a truck. I know he looks weak, but he has some power, I'll tell you that.

Whittaker made an incredible performance, surviving the right hand of Romero's rocket with a mixture of chin, stamina and grit driven by courage. His own right hand was a very damaged weapon; He said later that he broke it in the first round, and was totally insensitive to his elbow.

That makes what he did even more remarkable, absorbing 111 punches and handing out 128 for a new record of five medium rounds.

Official: Whittaker (128) and Romero (111) combine for 239 meaningful landings, a new world record of five rounds. # UFC225

– Michael Carroll (@MJCflipdascript) June 10, 2018

What brings us to the debate: how did Robert Whittaker win exactly? He won because not a single judge sitting in the cage considered it appropriate to give 10-8 rounds, a disconcerting decision that made Joe Rogan, Jimmy Smith and Jon Anik shake their collective bald spots. While round 3 was a back-and-forth issue in which Whittaker survived a big early crash to cause significant damage, including a head butt, round 5 was Romero, including a crash and another incredible recovery from Whittaker fought against A mix of Romero hits and heat fighters to see the final bell. Under the new scoring rules, it's hard to understand how it was not a 10-8 round, which would have made the fight a major draw (with two of the three judges giving Whittaker the fourth round).

After almost cheating (and doing spectacular violence) on his way up to two UFC championship shots, Yoel Romero finally found himself on the receiving end of an incredible combination of bad circumstances. Losing weight by SKETCHING a margin, while partly it's your fault for not bringing in professionals before, has to be considered bad luck. Robert Whittaker demonstrated a superhuman resistance to survive in both the Third Round Romero ™ and Romero ™ from the fifth round to the invisible moment (unlocked only if you beat the third round of Romero ™) was a feat that only Sir Robert Knuckles himself could Have achieved. So, not to be rewarded with a single round of 10-8, it is not surprising that Romero told Rogan that, in his humble opinion, he did not lose tonight. On a normal night, he would have gone home with the belt, or at least, a tie.

So, what are you doing from here? If you're the UFC, do you book Romero and Whittaker for a trilogy? On paper, Whittaker now has 2-0 against the Soldier of God. Also against Romero are his two failed weight cuts in a row. Romero would insert himself effortlessly into light heavyweight. I would see him fight against anyone at this moment: Gustafsson, Cormier if he does not retire, Jon Jones himself. However, this division and this rivalry will be incomplete if Romero and Whittaker do not run this again. No one deserves that he is currently waiting. Chris Weidman has 1-3 in his last four. Kelvin Gastelum beat Jacare by controversial split decision (another instance of the new set of rules for 10-8 does not apply in practice) but Dana White said that Gastelum has "personal problems" that she needs to solve ASAP.

They need to run it back. No matter what the score on paper, this trilogy is not finished. These two are the gods of this division, head and shoulders above all others. Their titanic battles have been violent delights, which deserve a violent and conclusive ending.


Should Romero fight Whittaker for the third time?

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    Yes, they have to finish this trilogy!

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    No- Romero lost twice And lost weight!

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Dana White is doubling on this 4 pm return to the weights, despite growing evidence that "more" fighters do not really want to weigh in the afternoon.

White: We talk to * more * wrestlers and want to weigh in the afternoon # UFC225

– Mike Allardyce (@mikedyce) June 10, 2018

Dana White in the next change Back to the weight of the afternoon: "No matter what, there is no debate about this, there is no debate, we are going to go at 4 o'clock." # UFC225

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It seems that Mike Jackson has finished with Zuffa along with CM Punk.

White in Jackson's UFC career: That's right, I would not put that guy in the Contender series. # UFC225

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Mark Hunt knows what's wrong.

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