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UFC 218 video recap: Max Holloway repeats the story, eliminates José Aldo in the third round


"Blessed" story repeated on Saturday night in Detroit.

In the UFC 218 main event, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway retained his title for the first time in a rematch against former division king Jose Aldo for a long time, and he did so in the Exactly how he removed the belt from the Brazilian less than six months ago.

On the way to UFC 212, Aldo was the champion and Holloway the interim champion. Holloway finished the legend with a technical knockout in the third round. Upon entering UFC 218, Holloway was the champion and Aldo the challenger, but once again, Holloway scored a technical knockout in the third round, stopping the featherweight with dirt and pound with only a few seconds in the frame.

Aldo started off well, landing a good number of punches on his feet, and somehow returning to his past forms that kick his legs. But Holloway found his rhythm in the middle of the second round, apparently, and it was all downhill for the opponent after that. Holloway began to put together his combinations very well, and when Aldo was tired, the Hawaiian forced Aldo into a fight, where Holloway thrives much more than Aldo. The 25-year-old attacker landed after attacking Aldo, who was desperately defeated at the end of the third round. But it backfired, and Holloway climbed to the top, where he landed a fierce floor until the referee intervened.

What was the highlight of the fight?

The highlight of the fight was when Holloway unleashed his savagery control. And what I mean by that is that Holloway lured Aldo into a fight, but a kind of technical fight. The champion could still get rid of most of Aldo's offense during the wild exchanges (he's very good at measuring distances) and he only ate a few shots here and there. Most of the damage came from Holloway's side, and his fighting IQ really stood out in these final moments, too. I knew that Aldo was tired and when to increase it a little, and he did, and it was worth it. Aldo dried himself under the pressure of Holloway, and although he might have looked like a scumbag in the last exchanges, Holloway knew what he was doing at all times.

Where do these two go from here?

Two consecutive stoppage victories over Aldo, one of the best fighters in history, are huge for Holloway's career. He is on a streak of 12 consecutive victories and only improves and raises from here. I'm not sure who can touch Holloway at featherweight, but it still seems that Frankie Edgar is next. It was badumed that Holloway vs. Edgar would head UFC 218, but Edgar retired due to an injury, and that was when Aldo intervened with little notice.

I also believe that a jump to 155 pounds to face a champion like Conor McGregor (in a rematch) or Tony Ferguson is a real possibility in the future, too. But for now, let Holloway defend his title a few more times.

Aldo, on the other hand, is at a really bad point. I do not see that he has ever been crowned the UFC champion again, and I think his decline is quite evident. He's still one of the best featherweight fighters, it's no shame to lose to Holloway, but he has two losses to Holloway in his record now, and he's clearly two steps behind Holloway, so it will be very difficult for him to re-enter . the title mix of 145 pounds. Instead, especially considering that he apparently had trouble gaining weight on Friday, I think a change to 155 pounds would only help him in his career. I'm not sure he will outperform the best of the best, like Khabib Nurmagomedov or Edson Barboza, but, nonetheless, there are many intriguing matches in the new weight category for Aldo, and he would probably look much better without having to cut so much weight .

Of course, I will not dispute your decision if he chooses to hang his gloves, either. As I said, I think the former champion has come down from here and done so much in sports: those are two very fair reasons to keep going.

Look now, later or never?

Holloway vs. Aldo 2 was a fun fight while it lasted. Look now.

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