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UFC 218: Holloway vs. Aldo 2 results and analysis after the fight


UFC 218 promised to be an entertaining card, and that's what fans at the Little Caesar & # 39; s Arena in Detroit, Michigan were treated. The main event featured Max Holloway's successful defense of his featherweight title, as he once again stopped Jose Aldo in the third round, just like when they met at UFC 212. This fight was similar in some ways, different in others. Aldo threw more kicks in the leg as promised, which was great to see, but also participated in a shootout with Holloway, which was a sure route to win. He does not have the ability to keep up with Holloway, his various attacks or his accuracy. The way Holloway went to the body early and often in the two previous rounds, combined with Aldo's willingness to throw heavy punches, weakened Aldo from his cardio, and the end result was that Aldo came out on his shield but not with the belt. [19659002] Max Holloway is a phenomenal fighter and I hope to see him defend his belt against opponents other than Jose Aldo. Obviously, Frankie Edgar was the original opponent and with luck we see Holloway-Edgar in 2018, but there is also the possibility that Brian Ortega will beat Cub Swanson next week. I'm also totally ready to jump the gun and look forward to the pure butcher that Holloway can create at lightweight.

More thoughts on the card tonight:

Main card

  • If it was not clear now, Aldo is not going to be a champion again, Holloway closed the door on Saturday night. He is a great player of all times whose achievements in MMA are remarkable, but he is not destined to be. The 2017 version of Max Holloway beats José Aldo every time, and that's the nature of combat sports. You have your career at the top, then there is a new generation of fighters that are made to suit you.
  • Alistair Overeem has been knocked out a lot of times in his career, but what Francis Ngannou did to him on Saturday The night was one of the most absurdly cartoony and yet frightening knockouts I've seen in any form of combat sport. Ngannou detonated his left hand in Overeem and I swear I thought that Alistair's head would separate and fly out of the arena. I can not wait for Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou
  • Henry Cejudo used his struggle and struggles to win the decision by bleached Sergio Pettis. That said, I do not think that's the performance that will have anyone clamoring for a rematch against Demetrious Johnson, especially considering how he brutalized Wilson Reis in his previous bout. I wonder if the UFC will really push for DJ to take over T.J. Dillashaw with the way Cejudo-Pettis happened.
  • Eddie Alvarez knocked out Justin Gaethje with a violent knee to culminate a quintessential violent fight between Alvarez-ian and Gaethje-ian. And what crazy? There's no way to win Fight of the Night when you consider Oliveira vs. Medeiros in the preliminaries. Gaethje hit Alvarez's legs repeatedly, but it was Alvarez who surprised me with his best defense, and most importantly, a commitment to body piercing that left Gaethje struggling to implement his pressure attack. That was really great for Eddie, and I think he would have won the decision even though Gaethje was winning round 3 until the knockout. Gaethje's unbeaten run ended, and he said he would be knocked out in his next ten fights by signing with the UFC, and it only took him two.
  • Alvarez is one of the five largest lightweights in the history of MMA and I consider his light resume to be better than BJ Penn's without any doubt. The man is absolutely an icon of the sport and it is an honor to observe him, because he has given us so many memorable fights.
  • Tecia Torres scored a clear unanimous decision victory over Michelle Waterson by kicking the main card, with Waterson unable to resolve Torres's right hand that landed several times on his face. Torres really hit a Waterson tired of the rear saddle in the final round, which won him the round and thus the fight. I really believe that Torres will fight for the straw weight title next year, just wait and see.

Preliminary Card

  • Paul Felder seemed to be in a world of problems when Charles Oliveira defeated him and began looking for presentations, of which the maple choke was the most dangerous, but Felder defended himself calmly. the secondary attacks of "Do Bronx" and gave a monstrous elbows at the end of round 1 and throughout the round 2. Oliveira touched one elbow that broke the right side of his face, but Dan Miragliotta failed, so Felder threw half a dozen more for the win by knockout. It has not been a great night of arbitration, it must be said. Still, a tremendous victory for Felder, whose elbows could break a path in half.
  • Do yourself a favor and look at Yancy Medeiros against Alex Oliveira as soon as possible. That was one of the craziest fights I've seen, and I can not believe that Medeiros returned from that round 1 stroke to stop a bloody, exhausted and broken "Cowboy" in the final round. What heart, determination and display of violence did both fighters show, who should receive bonus checks of $ 500,000, not $ 50,000? That was really special to watch, and congratulations to Medeiros for an incredible victory in this unforgettable war.
  • David Teymur handed Drakkar Klose the first loss of his career in what was a bizarre fight. Klose almost did nothing to start round 1, and still Herb Dean warned Teymur to take "too many steps back". Teymur's bold decision to follow a game plan and attack from the outside seemed to stun Klose, who spent too much of this fight whining and waiting for Teymur to do something stupid. That was frustrating on the part of Dean warning Teymur, and Klose fighting bad and random even when he got rid of an offense. It was a clear victory for the Swede, whose blow was decisive and his defense shot down was impressive.
  • Scores were everywhere on my Twitter timeline, but I thought Felice Herrig defeated Cortney Casey, and two of the three judges concurred. Surprisingly, this was almost completely a kickboxing battle. I have no idea why Joe Rogan called it a "phone booth" fight. And I thought Herrig landed in rounds 2 and 3. Herrig won four in a row. and the resurgence of his career continues.
  • In what was the featured preliminary Fight Pbad, Amanda Cooper intimidated Angela Magana on the ground and won the second-round TKO when Magana stopped fighting. Cooper wins against his local fans in Michigan, while Magana … well, the crowd applauded when his chest was accidentally exposed during round 1, but beyond that, his presence on the UFC roster should be a thing of the past after that. I do not understand why she was still under contract in the first place.
  • Abdul Razak Alhbadan and Sabah Homasi participated in a one-round fight, but the ending was so disappointing. In a surprising exchange of blows, Alhbadan cut and released Homasi with his right hand, but Herb Dean thought that Homasi had cooled down (he was not even close), and stopped the fight in the middle of Homasi's takedown attempt. A very bad detention by Herb, perhaps deceived from the angle he took, and robbed Homasi the opportunity to recover and return to the fight, and stole the fans to see a more entertaining match.
  • Dominick Reyes continues to impress. Having made a name for himself of this KO in LFA, "The Devastator" (choose a new nickname, Dominick) sent Jeremy Kimball in the first round, after having hit him with dirt and pound the triangle of the body before blocking it in the naked back choke. Reyes is only 27 years old, comes from a football background and has a good frame for 205. Oh my God … does the UFC light heavyweight division have an interesting and young prospect? I hope so.
  • Justin Willis landed almost everything he wanted on the newcomer Allen Crowder, who seemed extremely outdated and unconscious after Willis tore him apart with a couple of lefties. The entertaining post-fight interview with Willis was entertaining, crowned by saying he was "too fast, too strong, too athletic and too handsome".
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