UEFA Europa League score, takeaway: Manchester United, Inter Milan, Copenhagen, Shekhar Donetsk advance

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Unlike a Premier League promotion campaign, Manchester United returned to Old Europa League to take a five-goal lead over LASK while returning to Europa League games. After allowing a second-half goal from LASK fullback Philip Wissinger, the English side responded quickly with their own goal scored by Jesse Lingard – ironically, with Wingsinger playing Lingard, who allowed the goal to happen . He later doubled his target in the evening, when Super Deputy Anthony Marshall came in for some quick action and scored a few moments later.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Inter Milan and Getafe closed in only one-legged affair of the day. Both sides could not play their first leg in March when sports leagues around the world stalled. The Italian squad prevailed, defeating Premier League compatriots Romelu Lukaku and Christian Eriksen on the scoresheet.

For the earlier games, Shekhar Donetsk earned a spot in the quarter-finals when a three-goal late surge strengthened his overall lead over opponents Wolfsburg. Copenhagen made club history with their win over Istanbul, earning the club its first quarter in the Europa League.

For all the highlights, score updates and more, see the live feed below.

Europa League score on Wednesday

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