UConn students expelled from hostel after party between COVID-19

Several students at the University of Connecticut were evacuated from their dorm rooms after a packed on-campus party that violated the school’s coronovirus policy.

In a letter sent by school officials to the campus community on Tuesday, “the students were not only wearing masks, but also posed a threat to their own health and well-being and to others as well.”

The video of the party was posted on social media.

Last Friday, about 5,000 students returned to the campus of UConn’s store. He was tested for coronavirus and expected to limit contact with others for 14 days.

School officials said the undeclared number of students were booted from their on-campus housing, pending a school investigation. The students are also facing additional disciplinary action.

School officials said this week that there is no coronovirus outbreak on campus.

UConn has received more than 5,000 coronavirus exam results for campus students as of Wednesday. Eight tested positive and are being isolated.

Two off-campus students have tested positive, along with two faculty and staff.

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