Ubisoft performs Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey XP cultivation missions done by fans to maintain "quality and integrity"


Ubisoft has introduced the complement in a series of content created by fans. Assbadin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey after he noticed that "an increasing flow of" agricultural searches "" supposedly "exploded" the feature offering low challenge and high XP encounters only for the XP farm.

Launched in June, Story Creator allows players to create and share their own missions for Kbadandra and Alexios. With detailed customization, these stories created by players can include branching dialogs, complete combat missions and even offer XP … and there's the problem.

"The Story Creator mode was designed to be a tool for players to run their creativity and imagination while building their own stories to share with others, using a modified version of the tools that our own designers used to develop the missions in the game . ", Said Ubisoft through a communiqué shared in the official forums (Thanks, Eurogamer).

"However, since the release of the beta version, we have noticed an increasing flow of" agricultural searches "that exploit the tool for large quantities of XP, which risk jeopardizing the quality, integrity and general purpose of the mode. Story Creator and result in "Less visibility for the creative, interesting and frankly fantastic stories of the community that have been published."

Therefore, Ubisoft says it is now working on a series of "fixes and adjustments" to change "the approach to the design and intended use of the tool." XP's cultivation missions will no longer appear in its automatic recommendation system, including the Hall of Fame and trends sections, and the reported stories of "exploitation or deception" will be similarly hidden.

The developer has also updated its terms of use "to reflect the misuse of the tool" and says it will sanction those who voluntarily and intentionally misuse the Story Creator tool.

"We want to focus on rewarding creativity by highlighting quality missions and we are working on solutions and adjustments to reduce the impact of these types of agricultural missions on the player experience," added Ubisoft.

However, some fans are not happy with the declaration and the incoming changes, which suggests that Ubisoft may have problems with the missions, not because they jeopardize the quality of the game, but because they fear that agricultural missions may be something like a competitor for their own XP monetized packages.

"It's such an obvious lie that it makes me sick to this day," he said. a commentator on reddit. "If they really cared about people who do not have time, they could have added the XP multiplier to the configuration."

"Lol. If Ubi hides and reduces the visibility of the XP cultivation missions, then I think the compromised integrity of ACO & # 39; haze" added another. "But if they are at all in the missions, it is obvious that they are only pushing their XP drivers."

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