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Ubisoft forbids killer creed missions created by the player that make you level up without doing anything

Last month, Ubisoft released a tool that allows players to create their own missions. Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey. Players can choose to have other players' custom missions appear in their games. Almost immediately there arose a series of missions dedicated to the rapid potentiation of power. "Ubisoft has decided to put their sandal battle on this questionable practice, but it's just an easy XP boost.

These custom missions, for example, will engender NPCs to instantly kill the enemy, granting them experience in seconds. Then, the players could repeat this process, getting XP sweet and sweet until all their dreams come true. Now, about a month later, Ubisoft has announced a publication in the forum in which these types of false missions will no longer be tolerated.

"These vulnerabilities run the risk of jeopardizing the overall quality, integrity and purpose of the Story Creator mode and result in less visibility for the creative, interesting and downright fantastic community stories that have been published," says a note from the Assassin & # 39; s Creed Community and development teams.

From now on, the cultivation missions of XP will be against the terms of service of the tool that created the story. In addition, the system of automatic recommendations of the game will not highlight them, and Ubisoft "will sanction those who continue to abuse voluntarily and intentionally of the tool". The company also rededicated itself to "actively" combat other feats in the future. .

It is worth noting that this particular feat could have hit close to home, given that Odyssey launched with a set of costly microtransactions that are offered, among other things, XP and money raises. They are still available, along with others who have come since then. However, the company has not mentioned that with respect to these missions created by players. Instead, it focuses on messaging to create an environment in which stories about products and, in a speech, discover them KotakuJoshua Rivera, the Sith Lords can prosper.

"The Story Creator mode was designed as a tool for players to let their creativity and imagination run as they build their own stories to share with others," said Ubisoft. "We want to focus on rewarding creativity by highlighting quality missions."

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