Ubisoft canned ambitious RPG project by former Dragon Age creative director

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In December of 2018, East Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Ubisoft joined Quebec Work on an undeclared project. A year later, in January 2020, Laidlaw offered no explanation. according to this A report from BloombergJason SchreyerThe reason for Laidlaw’s departure was a project code-cancellation Avalon, An ambitious adventure based on the Arthurian legend by former Ubisoff chief creative officer Serge Haskot.

According to a Bloomberg report that cites former and current Ubisoft employees familiar with the project, Avalon There was a “big budget adventure” revolving around many heroic stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Unlike Ubisoft Games Assassins CreedRooted in real history, Avalon would have been set in a world of swords and witchcraft, myths and legends. The game will have a cooperative online element to it, similar to Capcom Monster hunter Chain.

While this seems like the perfect setting for a Ubisoft-style open-world adventure, the report indicates that Ubisoft’s chief creative officer, Serge Hascot, did not agree then. Not a fan of the fictional genre, Haskot reportedly set a very high bar for the project, working the team Avalon It needed to be “better than Tolkien”.

Serge Hascott resigned from Ubisoft in July this year Weeks of sexual misconduct allegations. The role of Chief Creative Officer is currently being filled by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillot. Came soon after Hasco left Comprehensive report of misconduct In a Toronto-based studio, resulting in Ubisoft head of Canadian studio Yannis Mallat, and also global head of the company’s human resources Cecil Cornet.

Unable to meet the high standards of Haskot, Ladlav and his team introduced new settings for the game, based on a science fiction theme and a Greek mythology, only to be shot repeatedly. By 2019, the project was scrapped. Mike Ladlav left Ubisoft in January of 2020.

according to this BloombergIn the report, the developers working on the project were surprised to see Avalon The project was such a hindrance because a man did not like its setting. This is a lot of power for one person, even Ubisoft as a game publisher at large. It is expected that Ubisoft will deliver original projects such as ongoing restructuring Avalon Chance of a fight in the future.

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