Uber resolves a lawsuit against a woman who accused executives of obtaining medical records after being raped

Uber settled his lawsuit with a woman (Jane Doe) who accused her now former CEO Travis Kalanick, Asian business president Eric Alexander and senior business vice president Emil Michael of improperly obtaining his medical records after having been raped by an Uber Driver in Delhi, India.

"An agreement was reached and the Parties foresee that the case will be filed around January 2018," the document indicates. The specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed in the presentation.

In the lawsuit, Doe's attorneys said that "Uber executives raped her a second time by illegally obtaining and sharing her medical records of that cruel badual badault and have failed, as of the date of this filing, to apologize. before her for this scandalous behavior. "

Doe had previously sued Uber in 2015 for negligence and fraud for failing to conduct a thorough background check of the driver. In that case, the driver was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

In light of Doe's most recent lawsuit, Uber fired Alexander in June. A few days after Alexander's dismissal, Michael also left the company after the board agreed to adopt the recommendations of the Uber law firm in the light of an internal culture investigation.

I've contacted Uber and will update this story if I receive [19659007] Featured image: ANTHONY WALLACE / Getty Images

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