The arrival of representative delegations in the Arab conference in Tunis

Tunisia completes preparatory work for an Arab summit

Tunisia completes preparatory work for an Arab summit

A spokesman for the Arab Summit, Mahmoud Al-Khumairi, announced that the Arab campaign groups which participated in the summit ended at the end of March in Tunis, in conjunction with the completion of the provision arrangements for the Arab head.

Al Khmeri said in a statement that Al Ain News that Tuesday will give preparatory meetings for senior officials from foreign ministries and to discuss their Secretariat for social and economic issues, and Wednesday conducts its meeting of the preparation of overseas ministers. beyond.

The guest speaker will be the Keeper of the two Holy Masons, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who will be in Tunis on Friday.

The spokesman at the top, which is above Arab relatives of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Nations, said Saudi Arabia has a big role in Tunisian hearts, adding that Riyadh has helped Tunisia with soft loans. T of 200 million dinars (66 million dollars SA).

For the issues to be discussed at the Arab summit, the spokesman at the Arab summit said they have prepared many files, particularly the fight against terrorism and the challenges that face t the Arab region.

He confirmed that the "Geography Awakening Summit" meeting is against major challenges facing the Arab world, focusing on the presence of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President Lebanese Michel Aoun, President Egypt's Abdel Fattah Sisi, Minister of Foreign Affairs at Somalia Ahmed Issa Awad, Ali Yusuf, and Mohammed Amin summer comoros.

During the debate over the return of Syria to the Arab League, Al-Khumairi stressed that Syria cannot return to university but with a decision in an Arab Arab Ministers' Council meeting, which is t The Council notes the possibility of building the case at the top.

The Arab League stopped Syria's membership at the top of Cairo in March 2011.

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