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Samsung is forced to pay $ 533 million to Apple compensation for the tradition of "iPhone"

Samsung is forced to pay $ 533 million to Apple for compensation of the tradition of the iPhone, according to Agence France-Presse, citing the news from Samsung, which is condemned to pay $ 533 million to Apple for the compensation of the iPhone tradition.

On Thursday for the electronics giant "Samsung" to pay compensation of $ 533 million for its rival, "Apple", and the violation of patents and imitation of the design of the phone "iPhone".

A US jury on Thursday condemned the electronics giant of South Korea "Samsung" to pay compensation of $ 533 million for rival Apple for violating patents for the US group by imitating the iPhone.

and Samsung, which no longer buys the mobile model in dispute, will also pay an additional $ 5 million depending on the failure to use some of the features of the iPhone.

The US judiciary has endorsed the position of Apple, which throughout the test has echoed that the outer shape of their smart phones is a key element in its design. But the fine imposed was much lower than Apple's demand.

In this ongoing legal dispute between technology giants seven years ago, Apple demanded compensation of more than $ 1 billion, while the South Korean group had revealed that the value of the compensation should not exceed 28 million.

The jury had to decide whether the design elements copied by Samsung justified the payment of all the benefits obtained by the disputed model or only a part of the revenues because they were elements in a wider design context.

This decision was very anticipated as it corrected a precedent that would turn the smartphone into a "design center".

Three patents related to this conflict focused mainly on the rectangular facade with rounded corners, in addition to the colored symbols seen on a black screen. The jury found the colored symbols in the center of the cell.

In 2011, the first ruling in favor of Apple was issued and Samsung was sentenced to pay $ 400 million, but the South Korean group appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States. UU., That in 2016 abolished the fine of 400 million dollars to Samsung. The case was referred to the regular judicial system.

After Thursday's verdict, Samsung's lawyer, John Keane, expressed his client's intention to appeal. He stressed that "Samsung" has never said that it is not willing to provide compensation, but considers that it does not have to pay all the profits of the mobile. "

Both groups together own approximately 35 percent of the shares in the global market of smartphones.

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