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Mysterious papyrus reveals a hysterical condition that affects women when sexual deprivation

A mysterious papyrus reveals a hysterical situation that affects women in sexual deprivation

Scientists finally managed to decipher a 2,000-year-old papyrus that revealed horrible beliefs dating back centuries of what is happening When women suffer from sexual deprivation.

The substance of the papyrus is related to a medical condition called hysterical apnea, which describes how women suffering from sexual deprivation become hysterical, Russia Today reported.

The state of hysteria in women was commonly diagnosed, with texts referring to this case dating from 1900 BC in ancient Egypt.

Hippocrates, credited as the founder of Western medicine, also believed in the diagnosis of this condition during the fifth century BC.

Scientists claim that the 2,000-year-old papyrus was probably a medical document written by the famous Roman physician Galenos, who first recognized the importance of the pulse and blood flow in the body.

The papyrus contained papyrus on ancient Greek writings that puzzled scientists, but a team of specialists from the Basel Digital Laboratory for Human Sciences at the University of Basel in Switzerland used UV and infrared techniques to detect ambiguity.

Galen mentioned hysterical hysterectomy in other medical texts, and believes that the alien theory, also known as the "wandering uterus," is a uterus of the womb that drives women crazy in case of sexual deprivation for a long time.

Doctors have refuted this theory for centuries and the medical community no longer recognizes "hysterical apnea."

It is believed that the text was part of a collection of Basilius Amerbak, professor of jurisprudence at the University of Basel in the sixteenth century, famous for collecting thousands of works of art and cultural backgrounds, as well as ancient coins, woodcuts , illustrated books and manuscripts. The end of the University of Basel, in 1661.

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