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Emirates News The Inland Council of the Emirates analyzes the soft power strategy of the United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

Yesterday I discussed the meetings of the Ministry of the Interior of Ramadan in its third session in its seventh session, which comes with the motto "Emirates". .. Number one »Topic« artificial intelligence »in seven topics included for discussion this year, in six councils held for this purpose at the state level, and reviewed the speakers on the UAE strategy in the field of soft power, and ways to improve the reputation of the regional and global state, and establish respect and love among Peoples of the world, in addition to portraits here, as in a state open to all cultures and civilizations.

The organization of the councils of the Ministry of the Interior is organized by the Office of Culture of Respect for Law of the Ministry, in cooperation with the Department of Security Information of the General Directorate of Security Support in the Ministry and the Institute. of Community Police. .

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with several federal agencies to support the themes of the 49 councils this year, and in a movement to strengthen the synergy and integration of government institutions in the implementation of the federal government strategy and the achievement of indicators of the national agenda and the vision of the United Arab Emirates. The vision of the UAE Government to disseminate knowledge and culture through community forums and dialogues, a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences and best practices in government services, especially with the selection of discussion topics that highlight the government's efforts in the transfer of knowledge. Adopt advanced technology to develop solutions to several future challenges.

Several preachers of the Holy Quran and its Science Prize participated in yesterday's councils, where the sponsors spoke about the prize, its categories, the conditions to request it and encourage young people to participate in it.

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