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Disabling the sense of smell leads to double weight loss

A study found that "nasal plugs" that block the sense of smell can double weight loss and gain strength.

Researchers explained that "nasal plugs" directed air to avoid odor receptors to suppress appetite. Weight gain is more sensitive to food odors and greater stimulation of your appetite, which can lead to more food.

The researchers wanted to test whether reducing the sensitivity of the smell to the diet could help dieters lose weight. 19659002] In an experiment carried out on obese adults, under 50 years of age, x Obese people who used silicone ear plugs were twice as obese as conventional methods.

Initially, each weight was 107 kg and was applied to the diets, in order to reduce the calories consumed by 500 calories. Over the course of three months, the obese lost an average of 6 to 25 kilograms, 7.7% of the total body weight.

Dr. Dror Decker, professor of obesity at the New York University School of Medicine, said they were inspired to develop silicone nose plugs after they noticed People with a cold have a lack of appetite

Experimental study revealed that the cap significantly reduced the ability to smell and that people who used this seal used less sugar and artificially sweetened beverages. And sugar and alcohol.

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