UAE says it will grant citizenship to some

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – The United Arab Emirates on Saturday announced plans to grant citizenship to some foreign nationals to house this oil-rich nation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to stimulate its economy amid the coronavirus epidemic Is part of the efforts.

The UAE first granted citizenship to Palestinians and others who helped form the country’s government after its formation in 1971. Other people gained it over time.

The Saturday announcement by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, who also serves as the Prime Minister and Vice President of the autocratic nation, said that the proposal would include artists, writers, doctors, engineers and scientists as well as their families. May also apply.

Sheikh Mohammed wrote on Twitter that the country’s seven emirates and the hereditary rulers at the federal level would file nominations for citizenship. People who have been granted citizenship will also be able to keep their initial citizenship.

It was not immediately clear whether citizenship would give UAE’s cradle-to-grave social programs rights to its citizens.

The UAE is home to more than 9 million people, only one-tenth of them citizens. In November, the UAE announced plans to abolish the country’s Islamic personal laws, allowing unmarried couples to ban alcohol, loosen liquor restrictions, and prevent so-called “honor killing”.

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