Tyrese’s Meltdown Is Not A Laughing Matter

Tyrese has been venting through his Instagram account since his parenting abilities have been below scrutiny within the courtroom. His ex-wife, Norma Gibson, requested for a short lived order of safety towards Tyrese and full custody of their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla,  whereas the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation concerning bodily abuse claims towards him. All of those occasions put the Black Rose singer right into a susceptible place, understandingly so.

On November 1st, Tyrese posted a video of him sobbing over the potential of his daughter being taken away from him. He tearfully stated none of his buddies had been there for him throughout this tough time and that the $13,000 a month in authorized charges have been straining him. After this video went viral I noticed that many poked enjoyable on the LA native. 50 Cent noticed this as a laughing matter.

“F**k him,” 50 wrote in a remark afterward. “He should’ve of mind his business when I was talking to Taraji. He came jumping in like he think we’re in a f**king movie. Punk bad Coca-Cola kid.”

There have been additionally memes.

Excuse me for not laughing, however this isn’t humorous. This is a person who’s melting down over being criticized and estranged from his little one. Why poke enjoyable? The lots look down on absent and abusive fathers who’re negligent of their youngsters’s wants. Tyrese has at all times publicly displayed his love of being a father and now he’s publicly exhibiting his despair about being separated from his daughter. We saluted him earlier than, however now we chortle. What’s so humorous?

As a therapist, my scientific judgment says he ought to search remedy from a psychological skilled. I can’t badess him to diagnose him with a psychological sickness, nevertheless his Instagram posts have been tangential and he has gone to excessive measures to show his love for his daughter (to whom? And why?) He additionally has been fairly irrational in the direction of The Rock for agreeing to do his Hobbs film spinoff. His ex-wife claims that he has been identified with bipolar dysfunction, claims that Tyrese denies. Either manner, one factor that can not be denied is that this man is coping with psychological misery and the web is making memes as an alternative of encouraging him. How about we urge him to place the telephone down and never publish something whereas in such a fragile state? Why don’t we urge him to go search badist and do the whole lot that the decide tells him to take action he can accomplish his purpose: to see his little one. I’m certain his buddies have reached out to him to see how he was doing, and the web trolls usually are not his buddies; nevertheless should you can publish one thing on social media, why should it’s so insensitive?

Granted, Tyrese put himself on the market by even posting the video, figuring out the web has no chill.  He introduced consideration to the truth that he’s in a fragile place emotionally. He make clear his authorized charges and that his “millionaire” buddies have deserted him. Yet, he nonetheless hasn’t discovered his lesson and continues to maintain nothing about this battle personal. He seemingly needs to indicate the world that he’s a black father being wrongly persecuted, however as an alternative he’s making himself a goal by not setting any limits about what he shares with the world.

Remember when the lots praised Jay Z for admitting to going to remedy on his four:44 album? We all rooted for him as a result of he normalized being a black man addressing his psychological well being in remedy. However, when a black man whose psychological well being could also be deteriorating and is breaking down proper earlier than our eyes, individuals clown him. Black people, my individuals, we should do higher.  

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