Tyrese Haspil bought balloons after CEO’s murder: sources

Tech millionaire Faheem Saleh was murdered in his luxury Lower East Side apartment just two days after his accused murderer and trusted employee, Tyres Haspil, prepared for the party.

Even when he was the subject of an intense NYPD manhunt, the seemingly reckless Haspil appears in footage obtained Saturday by The Post, less than a mile from the crime scene with a mysterious woman Is walking around, picking up a bouquet through a secret woman, Novo. Balloons reportedly on the birthday of her dead boss, law enforcement sources said.

“This person is the new American psycho, only dumber,” a law enforcement source told Haspil’s Post, who was Saleh’s personal assistant, and who sources and prosecutors say were allegedly using the victim’s plastic Not only before, but later was careless. the killing.

33-year-old Saleh, of Gocada, CEO of Riding Motorcycles, stumbled and dropped Ted inside his East Houston Street apartment on Monday after authorities say Haspil allegedly charged him with a disputed $ 90,000 dollar murder.

The well-liked entrepreneur’s body parts were discovered in a $ 2.2 million East Houston Street apartment on Tuesday by a concerned female relative.

Haspil was allegedly trying to cover her tracks inside the apartment at the time, and when the cousin let her in, she said no, law enforcement sources have said.

On Wednesday, as investigators searched through the gruesome crime scene for clues, 21-year-old Haspil allegedly hired deluxe, loftlife AirBnB across the edge of Crosby and Billecker streets throughout lower Manhattan, sources have said.

Surveillance footage shows male sources identified as Hapil hopping in cabs for some retail therapy, walking with their shapely mystery sails, and picking up flamboyant, metallic gold “22” helium balloons, Who reportedly used the victim’s credit card. The purchase, sources said.

As police continued to process the crime scene – particularly the left-behind Tesser, which was purchased at Home Depot with Saleh’s card.

Meanwhile, Haspil came and went smoothly with his new so-called “HID”, which had a large, distinctive semi-circle window.

The footage shows that he reached the fifth floor pad in the afternoon on Wednesday, wearing a backpack and carrying a leather bag overnight.

“Space is perfect for 2, spacious, well laid out. It’s full of sun all day. It has two balconies. A luxury nyc beats the hotel room. You’ll like it,” the site List for $ 145 a night, for an apartment located at the same intersection.

About two hours later, he appeared on the sidewalk with the mysterious woman, who investigators believe was also living there.

At 2:20 pm, Haspil was again on the sidewalk, accepting a curbside delivery of a three-balloon birthday bouquet.

Two balloons had two numbers, and the third one was Mel Gold Dil.

Haspil and Gal Pal are seen again at about 6:55 pm, withdrawing the package after one afternoon, footage shows.

Across, Haspil walks unnaturally, and sports a mask and a gray knitted hat drawn low across his forehead.

Haspil, whose own 21st birthday had passed in January, apparently bought balloons for his female guest, whose name has not been released.

Their festive independence will be only two days.

On Friday morning, at least a dozen policemen gathered at the hideout. Still more surveillance video shows police running Haspil cuffed to a loaded car.

Later that day, balloons would appear from the street, hitting inside a half-circle window, through which shadows of busy investigators could also be seen.

Early Saturday, prosecutors said surveillance video footage provided “overwhelming” supporting evidence that Haspil killed his boss.

Manhattan’s Assistant District Attorney Linda Ford said Haspil was caught on camera at the Home Depot on 23rd Street.

Haspil has been ordered to be granted bail without charges of second-degree murder.

In a statement on Saturday, Haspil’s lawyers said: “We are in the very early stages of exposing the truth. The life of the case promises to be long and complicated.

“We urge the public to keep an open mind. There is much more to this narrative than the allegations, the arrests by the police and the allegations by the district attorney.

Additional reporting by Laura Italian, Dean Balasamini and Rebecca Rosenberg