Tyler Perry establishes a vaccination site for the production team

12:56 pm PDT 4/6/2021


Bryn sandberg

Just over half of his team received the injection over the weekend.

Tyler Perry, who received his COVID-19 vaccine on television in January in an effort to instill confidence in her, is now helping his production team get the vaccine.

Over the weekend, the TV and movie mogul set up a vaccination center at his Tyler Perry Studios production facility in Atlanta, Georgia. He covered the logical costs of setting up the site and worked with the nearby Grady Hospital to staff the event.

The vaccines were available to anyone in the study who wanted one and had not yet received it. That included his entire crew, along with his family and friends. They were not required.

“There are still a lot of questions about vaccines,” says Perry, noting that 55 percent of his team agreed to get vaccinated. “I hope that people will go out and get vaccinated, know that I have it and that other members of my staff have it and we [had] no hassle, no hassle. “

A total of 250 injections were administered over the weekend. Since everyone received the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses, hospital staff will return later this month to administer the second injections.

For much of the pandemic, the study has been in a “bubble” to guard against the spread of the virus. With the launch of the vaccines, that precaution will end this Saturday, April 10, although strict COVID-19 protocols will still be applied for future productions.

It is one of the first examples of a producer helping organize vaccinations for members of his production. As the launch of the vaccine has varied from state to state, Hollywood studios have largely stayed out of the immunization effort, telling the cast and crew that it is their responsibility to schedule your own appointment when deems them eligible.

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