Tyler Perry breaks political tradition to support candidate

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Tyler perry, Who remained largely indifferent throughout his career, is breaking the tradition of supporting a candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

“I really don’t want to be politically,” Perry said in her cover story for the latest issue. Variety. “I want people to vote because everyone has a very strong opinion about it. me too.”

The filmmaker lives in Georgia – a historically red state – where he established the largest film studio in the United States.

“I have very strong feelings about the current administration,” Perry said. “I have a lot of feelings about what is going on. But i’m neither democrat [nor] Republican – I am an independent thinker. I think I vote the best to run the country. ”

That person is Joe BidenAccording to, usually according to the nonpartisan director, who Variety Describes as “almost relentless focused.”

“When you have influence, you have to be careful about how you use it and are specific in the options you use,” he explained. “It is going to affect the country in the future. And there is a big thing about democracy every four years, you have the opportunity to make a change, and I am hoping that there are enough decent people who are seeing that we need to make a change. ”

Perry said that one of the main reasons is that he is now speaking out for his 5-year-old son.

He said, “If it were just me, I would have backed down and probably had a different opinion.” “But I want him to be able to go to the national parks and they’re not drilling into them, to turn on a debate and let the two men be able to stand up professionally, giving each other their two minutes They are allotted the honor of finishing and are not shouting at each other. ”

“If you want one, you vote the way you do in 2016,” he continued. “If you want something different, we need a landslide to vote for Joe Biden.”

Perry said that under the president Donald TrumpAdministration, “We are all drafted on the worst reality show that has ever been produced, and none of us have been paid for it.”

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