Tyler Hamilton questioned Lance Armstrong’s ‘the truth’

Tyler Hamilton questioned Lance Armstrong’s ‘the truth’

Tyler Hamilton questioned Lance Armstrong’s ‘the truth’

Lance Armstrong’s former US Postal Service teammate Tyler Hamilton has cast doubt on whether Armstrong is going to fulfill his promise to tell his “truth”, suggesting that the Off the Ball podcast that Armstrong is still keeping secrets despite promising to tell “his truth” in the two parts of the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary LANCE.

Reacting after seeing the part 1 of the show, Hamilton suggested that only the half-truths that have come out of not only Lance Armstrong but many pilots of his generation.

“When you tell the whole truth, there are consequences,” Hamilton said. “There are a lot of consequences for telling a half-truth, but you may be able to stay in the sport. When you tell the whole truth, as I do, you’re out.”

Hamilton rode alongside Armstrong as a team-mate from 1998 until changed teams in 2002 and became a Grand Tour contender. After being banned and losing your Games 2004 Olympic gold medal for blood doping, Hamilton made a comeback, while in the shadows of the Operacion Puerto, and after eight-year ban for a second doping positive.

Later, he wrote a tell-all book with co-author Daniel Coyle: The Secret Race: the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, cover-ups, and Winning at All costs.

He is waiting to see more information of Armstrong during part 2 of the documentary from ESPN.

“I would love to see more of the truth. The what, the why, the how is all of that. There is nothing against Lance, but for the future of cycling, for the younger generation to this sport. I think that we have not seen enough of the past of him or a lot of people.

“There are so many friggin’ half-truths out there – like the ‘I doped from here to here, below, is stopped’ – There is a lot of that.

“Do not come with some of these secrets that can make a big difference. Because those secrets have not gone [it’s a cycle] – we need more of the details. Not only Lance, but a large amount of these individuals.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, I hope, we don’t see anything like this ever again. But if we don’t find out what happened in the past, what happened then is that going to happen again. Just wait, start the stopwatch.”

Hamilton admits that, while there are plenty of other teams that doped, the pilots of the US Postal justifiably had to speak for the entire generation of drivers.

“We have to make sure that we have not gone through all this shit for nothing,” he said.

“They are catching some people from time to time, which I do not like to see, but I feel that it is getting better but could be much better than we knew some of the truths of the past.

“Maybe we could get rid of some of these people that are not good for the sport of cycling, who are still involved in the sport today.”

Part 1 of LANCE’s transmitted on Monday 25 May and is still available on the ESPN Player. Part 2 will air June 1 and will be in the player at that time.

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