Tyga, Saveti, and Ying Talk Cash on Ying Yang Twins-Seamed Single “Money Muff”

He is known as an artist who knows how to bring a bop and Tyga hopes his latest will help him continue his reign. On Friday (September 18) California heavily collaborated as Tyga, Sawai, and joined forces on YG “Money Muzaf”. All three artists are at the top of their game as Sauvetti is enjoying the success of singles like “My Type” and “Tap In”, while she continues to work on her upcoming project, Beautiful b * tch music. The Bay Area rapper isn’t the only person to have a new record, as YG announced earlier this week that his next album, My life 4Hunnid, 2 October.

The end of summer may come, but the Ying Yang Twins-sampled “Money Mouf” party is well under way in Fall and Winter, featuring “Salt Shaker.” If this track doesn’t prove that, Tyga’s recently launched Onleafs will definitely happen. Check out Tyga, Sauvetti and YG on “Money Muff” and let us know what you think about this collaboration.

Quotable lyrics

B * tch I’m a king, like I’m playin sack (Ball)
B * tch tryna play me, Ima let him play back (bih)
B * tch hoppin ‘on my d * ck like a jumping jack
I’m paying her for the ass, I don’t like it (no)
I invest in you, I got money back (yes)