Two Vaccine Stories

Finding an open appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine was a headache, so Fran Goldman, 90, would not be deterred by snow. The walk was three miles, in each direction. He dressed in layers and grabbed canes. “It wasn’t easy,” Goldman told the Seattle Times. “It was a challenge.”

Did we mention you had a hip replacement last year? But a walk in the snow will be worth it for two great-grandchildren. “I can’t wait to be able to sustain them,” Goldman told the newspaper. Now there is an antidote to articles on public skepticism of vaccines. Surveys last year showing doubt were remarkable, but two months after America’s vaccination program, the story is about demand.

Here’s another one, though not quite as stimulating. In Florida, which is prioritizing people 65 and older, two women, ages 34 and 44, went to an Orange County vaccination site “disguised as grandmothers,” an official said Thursday. That was national news, although it is unclear if it was exaggerated.

Body camera video posted Friday shows a small costume, but both women had masks and glasses, and one wore a gray hat. That said, the women “had modified their birth years in their vaccination records to avoid the state system,” the Orlando Sentinel reported. Apparently they had already received a first dose of vaccine, but the second was denied and carry-over warnings were issued.

A heroic and malicious story. However, both are good signs of vaccine demand, as ending this pandemic depends on millions more injections reaching millions of arms.


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