Two schoolgirls spotted an asteroid headed directly towards Earth – BGR

  • A newly-known asteroid has been spotted in India by a pair of schoolgirls.
  • Both teenagers found the asteroid in images collected by a telescope in Hawaii.
  • The asteroid is currently orbiting near Mars, but this orbit will change and bring it far away from Earth in about a million years time.

When I was 14 years old, my greatest achievement was probably related to catching some sweet air on the ramp with my bike. For two very talented teenagers in India, an astronomical astronomical discovery is nothing less than small potatoes. The couple, who had lofty aspirations for their future in science, saw an asteroid already marked for our planet.

Using images taken from a telescope operated by the University of Hawaii, Vaidehi Vekariya and Radhika Lakhani managed to locate the asteroid, which carries the scientific label HLV2514, will not venture near Earth for some time, but its It is up to NASA to confirm. Existence as well as its class.

The two students studied at a private institution in Space India, where they have a wealth of scientific resources, including images captured by Hawaii’s Pan-StarRS telescope. Using that data, students looked at the asteroid and, based on what we currently know about its orbit, it is headed toward Earth.

Like many asteroids that visit our planet from a safe distance, this asteroid is not actually predicted to hit our planet when it swoops in about one million years. The rock of space is currently hovering near Mars, but eventually, its orbit will cross the Earth, although it will be about 10 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Still, it is close enough to the asteroid to be considered a “near-Earth object” and brought to NASA’s watch list.

He said, ‘We started the project in June and we sent our analysis back to NASA a few weeks ago. On 23 July, he sent us an email confirming that we had identified the near-Earth object, ”Vekariya said in an interview Cnn.

NASA monitors all near-Earth objects with an abundance of caution. When an object of a certain size is projected to pass near the Earth within a medium distance, its orbit is plotted and scientists then predict where it will travel in the future. An asteroid can miss Earth by a significant difference today, but once it passes something extra around the Sun, it can come back to bite us, so scientists like these events well in advance We try our best to rule in a way.

Going further, once NASA confirms the asteroid’s existence and its orbit, students may have an opportunity to give it a proper name. As a former 14-year-old, I can only imagine how excited they would be.

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