Two people and dog out of New York’s moving plane at New York’s LaGuardia Airport

Passengers aboard an aircraft about to fly from New York’s LaGuardia Airport were stunned when two of their companions – and their dogs – suddenly opened an emergency exit and slid down toward the Tarmac.

The bizarre incident, detailed in the New York Times, was caused by flight delays and the arrest of a man and a woman. It is not clear what happened to the dog.

The paper said that the couple boarded the plane but then changed their seats several times due to the agitation.

The Times quoted a witness as saying, “As Flight 462 began driving the taxi to the runway, the man stood up, ignoring a flight attendant’s order to say he had a post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The plane then tilted to a halt.

“The man opened the door to a cabin, triggering an emergency slide, and then he, his female companion and their dog opened their way out of the plane,” the newspaper reported. Exit passengers were quickly taken into custody.

Sudden exit from the aircraft is not unknown.

The most famous incident recently occurred when JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater pulled an emergency chute on a flight in 2010 after the plane landed at JFK Airport in New York. He moved on to the system of public address, swearing at a passenger who claimed he had treated her rudely, helped himself to a beer and went down to Tarmac.

Slater’s dramatic exit made him a viral hero for working workers everywhere who might have dreamed of swishing their jobs.

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