Two men publicly canned for having sex in Indonesia 77 times

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Two men were publicly canned 77 times on Thursday in Indonesia’s Orthodox Ash province after neighbors reported them to the Islamic religious police for having sex.

Canning was witnessed by dozens of people at the park in Tamansari town of Banda Aceh. This is the third time that Acheh, Indonesia’s only province practicing Sharia law, has blamed people for homosexuality as Islamic law in 2015 as a concession made by the government to end a long-running separatist insurgency Was implemented.

Men between the ages of 27 and 29 were driven backwards and, winning with pain, a team of five enforcers wore ropes and hoods that relieved each other after every 40 strokes.

The men were arrested in November after residents became suspicious and broke into their rented room where they were caught having sex, said Aeru acting Sharia Police Chief Heru Trivijnarco.

A Sharia court sentenced each person to 80 strokes last month, but they were canned 77 times after a remission for time spent in prison.

Four others received 17 strokes for extra-marital relationships and 40 for drinking alcohol.

A Sharia code allows up to 100 lashes for moral offenses, including gay sex. Canning is also for adultery, gambling, drinking and tight-fitting women and men who leave Friday prayers.

With the exception of Aceh, homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, but the country’s low-profile LGBTQ community has been under siege over the years.

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