Two killed by COVID-19 in St. Louis County

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the age of the individuals ranged between 85–89 years and 90–94 years. He was among 14 new deaths in the state.

In the month of October, the county has recorded 25 of its 67 deaths.

Minnesota and Wisconsin officials reported Saturday that 119 more people have tested positive for coronovirus in 10 counties in Northland. More than half of those diagnosed or 63 of them are residents of St. Louis County. In the past seven days, the county has registered an average of 52 new cases a day.

Saturday’s new case update and seven-day average for other counties:

Itasca – 12 new cases, 9.1 cases a day.

Atkin – 12 new cases, 4.3 new cases a day.

Carlton – 9 new cases, 6.2 new cases a day.

Lake – 3 new cases, 2.14 new cases a day.

Kuching – 2 new cases, 1.1 new cases a day.

A new resident of Cook County has tested positive, putting the county’s total of cases at 13 now.


Douglas – 12 new cases, 9.3 new cases a day.

Bayfield – 4 new cases, 5.1 new cases a day.

Ashland – 1 new case; 6.1 new cases a day.

Statewide, Minnesota reported 2,268 more people who tested positive and Wisconsin reported 4,062 on Saturday.

Complete clinical trials in Wisconsin amounted to 17,620, while in Minnesota they amounted to 36,488. The single-day test positivity rates, the percentage of tests that came out positive, were 23.1% and 6.2%, respectively.

The state of Wisconsin reports a 7-day test positivity. The latest average was 22.7%.

Twenty-five more Wisconsin residents have died from COVID-19. None of them lived in northwestern Wisconsin.

Higher education

Minnesota’s Department of Health has reported fewer new infections to Minnesota Duluth staff and students than this week.

Between October 11–17, the state reported 21 more infections in UMD students and staff 32 weeks earlier. According to the university’s COVID-19 dashboard. That number includes students who were tested on campus.

Of the 21 people who tested positive, five live on campus and public health representatives interviewed determined that a total of 11 of those premises were infected.

Since 1 August, UMD has recorded 291 infections in students and staff. Twenty-nine of them were students living on campus and another 45 believed they were on campus while infected.

As of Friday, 8% of UMD’s 276 isolation and quarantine beds were in use.

According to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities COVID-19 dashboard, Lake Superior College recorded two more transitions in staff and two more in students between October 15-21.

Since 26 August, 26 staff and 34 students have tested positive at LSC.

Other Minnesota state colleges are updated in Northland:

Fond du Lake Tribal and Community College in Clove – First Employee Case; No new student matters.

Rainy River Community College in International Falls – First Employee Case; Still no student affairs.

Hibbing Community College – 1 new employee case; 2 new student cases.

Itasa Community College in Grand Rapids – No new employee cases; 2 new student cases.

Mesabi Range College in Virginia – 2 new employee cases; 3 new student cases.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior tests all students who live on campus every two weeks. According to the UV system’s COVID-19 dashboard, between 19-22, during its latest round of tests, 337 students were tested and two of those tests came out positive.

The dashboard does not include cases between staff and students living on campus.

Since September 28, the university has reported 28 residential students who have tested positive.

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