Two former Illinois child welfare employees arrested in connection with AJ Freund’s death

Carlos Acosta, 54, and Andrew Paulovin, 48, were taken into custody Thursday evening. Jail records show that both men posted a $ 20,000 bond later that night.

Both were charged with endangering the life of a child and felony conduct of reckless conduct, according to court records. CNN affiliate WLS reported on the indictments of the two men that DCFS workers described the failures as “the presumed cause of AJ Freund’s death”.

The Sheriff’s Office said it has no additional information to release regarding the investigation. It is unclear whether either man has a lawyer.

A pathologist found that according to the coroner’s report, he died of head trauma due to blunt force injuries.

DCFS said DCFS released a summary of its records, reports and documents showing the agency had multiple encounters with the family, including 17 unannounced visits between June 2015 and March 2016. At the time, the worker had not seen any signs of abuse or neglect.

Child Welfare Agency's history with the slain boy was the family before his birth
The child’s parents were charged with murder and other crimes.
His mother, Joan Cunningham, pleaded guilty in December and was sentenced to 35 years in prison from July.
Joan Cunningham and Andrew & quot;  Attracted & quot;  Freud Senior.

According to court records, Freund’s father Andrew “Drew” Freund Sr. is awaiting trial and his case is scheduled to be heard on September 16.

The Illinois Office of the Inspector General said in its annual report, it was released last January, that DFCS investigators reported “a long history of parental addiction, a mother’s recent vacation, and parents’ children from relatives.” And neglected to separate from relatives. Care providers. ”

A DCFS spokesman confirmed to CNN that the two people are no longer employed by the organization, but declined to provide any additional comments.

& # 39;  Maybe the mummy didn't mean to hurt me & # 39;  5-year-old doctor told doctor of potential abuse before murder

Acosta is a member of the McHenry County Board. Board President Jack Franks said in a statement released on Friday that he asked Acosta to step down. State law does not give the board or voters the ability to remove Acosta from office, Franks said, adding “heavy feelings will have to step down for him.”

“With the charges filed against him, Mr. Acosta cannot remain an effective member of the County Board,” Franks said in a statement on Friday. “We spoke this morning and I encouraged him to resign. My opinion is not based on his innocence or guilt, which rests on the court’s decision, but his ability to represent the citizens of County Board District 5 on these allegations. Is being filed with. ”

Franks called for overhauling the child welfare system “to ensure that this tragedy never happens again, as well as the need to hold people accountable if they are negligent in their duty.”

Gisela Crespo of CNN contributed to this report.