Two Durham schools closed due to staff coronavirus cases, quarantine ::

– Two Durham schools are closed on Thursday due to coronavirus.

According to an update from the district, Hillside High School will remain closed until Friday morning. An employee for Coronavirus was “potentially positive”, while the SAT was operated at the school on Saturday.

The district, along with the college board and health department, is looking for other individuals who may come in contact with coronovirus on Saturday.

The Southwest Elementary School Learning Center will remain closed until October 9 after an employee tested positive. Initially, that employee was considered to be at low risk for spreading coronavirus.

Now, school officials say many employees were forced to quarantine.

As a result of so many employees in quarantine, the Southwest Primary Studies Center had to be temporarily closed.

According to officials, the employee did not contract the virus at the school.

District officials said there has been no transmission of the virus at Durham Public School.


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