Two doctors shot after the “dead” newborn begins to breathe on the way to cremation


NEW DELHI – An Indian hospital has fired two dismissed doctors for wrongly declaring the death of a newborn baby.

The baby was born at the Max Super Specialty Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, last Thursday but pronounced dead two hours later, the boy's grandfather, Praveen Malik, told CNN. Her mother had given birth to twins but the child's sister was pronounced dead.

The parents were on their way to a place of cremation when they noticed "some movements" inside one of the polyethylene bags that the hospital gave them with the babies. bodies.

"When we opened the bag, we found the child breathing in. I was shocked, I could not believe what I was seeing," said Malik.

The hospital previously said in a statement that hospital staff "delivered the child without any sign of life."

The child is still in a critical condition in the hospital, according to Dr. Sandeep Gupta, of the New Born Center in Delhi, where the baby is receiving treatment.

"He is receiving respiratory support, nutritional support and other supports, we are managing to keep his vital signs at this time, but the condition is very serious," Gupta said.

Max Healthcare said in a statement published Sunday night that the decision to let the two doctors go should not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

"We want to clarify that this action should not presuppose the expiration of the group of experts and should not be interpreted in any way as anything more than an expression of our ongoing commitment to provide quality medical care." Max Healthcare's statement said.

The investigation of an external group of experts is expected to conclude on Monday.

Delhi's Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal also tweeted that the authorities would take the "strongest measure" if someone is found guilty.

"We want the Delhi government to take strict measures against the hospital authorities for their negligence," said the boy's grandfather.

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