A hospital in India fired two doctors and promised an investigation after a baby who had been pronounced dead woke up in a bag while the family was driving to his funeral. 19659006] The case has sparked outrage throughout the country, the police are involved and the health minister of New Delhi has threatened to cancel the hospital's license.

Max Healthcare in New Delhi issued a statement saying that the "unfortunate incident" occurred on Thursday after a premature delivery of twins after a five-month pregnancy. The second child was born dead; the first was declared dead a short time later.

The babies were placed in plastic bags and the family drove to the crematorium when they saw movement. They opened the bag to find the child alive.

The baby was placed on life support, the hospital said.

"We are shocked and worried about this rare incident," the hospital said. "We are in constant contact with parents and we are providing all the necessary support."

To increase the controversy, the boy's father, identified by Delhi-TV as Ashish, said doctors told him on Wednesday that his wife, Varsha, needed an operation to bleed. Ashish said doctors demanded extra money to improve the possibilities of keeping the baby and the mother alive.

Delhi police said they were collecting hospital records for the mother and treatment records for newborns. The hospital video was also being reviewed, police said.

The hospital, with more than 300 beds, is one of 14 at Max Healthcare locations throughout India. It is called a "super specialty hospital" on the company's website, which has a wide range of medical disciplines.

Max Healthcare said that the dismissals represent a "strict action", but should not be considered as a mistake by doctors. AP Mehta and Vishal Gupta. Rather, the terminations are a "reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care."

The Indian Medical Association intervened in the case, issuing a warning to hospitals that the metabolism of a body can be "suspended" in cases of severe hypothermia and can protect against oxygen deprivation for a prolonged period of time.

The association is conducting an investigation together with hospital officials. Dr. KK Aggarwal, president of the association, tried to unfreeze the dismissed doctors.

"There is definitely an error," he told Asian News International. "The difference between a mistake and a negligence is a deliberate action, I do not think any doctor does it voluntarily, but let the research committee find out"