Two died in a small plane crash in the parking lot near Van Nuys Airport

The Los Angeles Fire Department said at least two people died Friday afternoon when a small fixed wing plane crashed into a parking lot on the 7000 block of North Havenhurst Avenue.

Department spokesman Capt. Eric Scott said he arrived to see the white, single-engined aircraft still on fire with burned pieces, creating piles of twisted metal debris and other broken pieces nearby.

Firefighters pulled hose lines and extinguished the burning debris, Scott said. Two people found inside the wreckage were declared dead. He was not immediately recognized. There was no damage to the surrounding structures, but three vehicles suffered minor damage.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the plane fly straight into the parking lot, missing nearby buildings, Scott said.

“It is fortunate that it was not a populated area,” he said.

Scott said the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the crash and remove debris from the scene.