Two British girls gang-raped while on vacation in Italy

Two British girls who went on vacation in southern Italy were gang-raped by a group of men at a house party this week, according to the new report disturbances.

Metro UK reported that the girls were kicked, punched and raped by eight men who took part in the Basilicata province of Matera on Monday night to Tuesday.

The outlet said the four men have been described as “famous bullies and thugs” who have been arrested in connection with the gruesome attack.

Those arrested range in age from 19 to 23 years, police said during Friday’s press conference, according to the Guardian.

The paper report states that the men have been charged with rape and grievous bodily harm by Pistik.

According to the report, Mater prosecutor Angelo Onorati ordered her arrest “due to the brutality, severity and violence of the violence, which may be repeated against other women.”

A police car was parked in Italy.

Four more men, who have not yet been identified, are also accused of allegedly participating in the heinous attack, which took place in the garden of the villa, where the party was held.

“The night between September 7-8, at the Marconia di Pistique, there was sexual violence against two foreign minors who were at a party in the villa,” Mater officials said in a press release obtained by the paper. “The investigation unit of the maternal police headquarters has started an investigation in coordination with the government attorney’s office.”

The girls, whose age was not disclosed, revealed what had happened after Matera’s Madonna della Grazi hospitalization.

According to local reports, both were in a state of shock and had bruises on their bodies.

According to the news agency Adankronos, the girls have since been discharged from the hospital.

The report states that one of the girls has a family.