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Two black men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks to meet with the CEO

On Monday morning, Johnson reiterated that the arrests were "reprehensible" and said he hoped to meet with the men to discuss "a constructive solution," speaking with ABC's "Good Morning America."

He also said he will. instruct store managers to train themselves to detect "unconscious prejudices." Previously, Johnson appeared in a video apologizing to the two men and promising changes in the company.

Meanwhile, about two dozen protesters gathered outside the cafeteria in the cafeteria. Most of the people who drank coffee at the tables, however, were regional leaders on the corporate side of the company, the AP reported. [Lalluviaaumentóantesdelas7amdellunesporlamañanamientrasqueenelinteriorparecíanormalsegúnAssociatedPress19659002] Just before 7:30 am, the protesters moved in and stood in front of the counter, some holding placards reading "End Stop and Frisk", shouting slogans like, "A lot of racism, a lot of junk, Starbucks coff ee is anti-black, "according to the AP.

Protester Shani Robin told NBC News that the protesters want the manager who called the police and the arresting officers to fire him.

"If you can not even go to a Starbucks wait for a friend to come, you're not sure anywhere," he said.

"We're going to take up space, we're going to make it very uncomfortable until they make changes and until they specifically meet the demands we have to expose," Robin added.

Another protester, Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, told NBC Philadelphia, "We do not want this Starbucks to make money today, that's our goal."

On Sunday, protesters carried bullhorns and signals that said phrases like "Too Little Too Latte" and confronted employees behind the record, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif protests inside a Starbucks on Sunday in Philadelphia. Michael Bryant / Philadelphia Inquirer via AP

The two black men, whose identities were not disclosed, were arrested Thursday after a Starbucks employee called 911 because they were sitting inside the cafe and allegedly refused to leave .

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is black, said the men had not bought anything and refused to leave, which led to the arrest. hours in police custody: Starbucks did not file charges.

Michelle Saahene, who witnessed the incident, told NBC News on Sunday that after the men were not allowed to use the bathroom, scholarship use they had not bought anything, sat at a table in silence while using their phones while waiting for a friend.

"The police asked them to leave because they were not buying anything," Saahene said. "[The two men] said they were confused, this is a Starbucks, since when are people being asked to leave a Starbucks sitting there?"

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