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Twitter to alert users who may have seen content linked to Russia

Twitter Inc. will inform users who may have seen publications covertly prepared by the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. The director of public policy for EE. UU Reported to a Senate committee on Wednesday.

The company is "working to identify and inform individually" the users "who could have found accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency, which helped the Russian efforts to interfere in the race," said Carlos Monje to the Committee of Commerce, Science and Technology.

Along with Google, YouTube and Facebook Inc. Twitter faced a committee hearing on social media efforts to combat terrorism, the latest scrutiny by lawmakers on both sides who have questioned companies on topics that include the manipulation of their platforms by the Russians.

Monk, who said details of the plan would be available shortly, responded to the interrogation of Senator Richard Blumenthal. The Connecticut Democrat, who had requested such alerts, thanked Facebook for similar efforts to notify those who may have seen fake or incendiary content from Russian accounts, while saying it was "disappointed" by Google's response.

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Democrats on the committee urged social media platforms to harden against foreign and domestic interference before the midterm elections in November.

"Based on the results, it is not where it needs to be to be assured that it is securing our democracy," said Brian Schatz of Hawaii. "How can we know that you are going to do this well, and before the partial exams?"

Monk told Schatz that Twitter hopes to avoid interference.

"We continue to improve our tools and we" will improve, "he said.

Orlando Shooting

The companies sought to assure skeptical lawmakers that they have modified their methods in the last year to identify and eliminate more effective content related to terrorism.

While social media companies published statistics on their progress, committee members cited their past faults at a hearing.

"The killer responsible for the shooting at the Orlando nightclub – in which 49 innocent people were killed, and 53 were injured, reportedly, was inspired by digital material that was available on social networks, "said Committee Chairman John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, at executives.

Technology companies have agreed with lawmakers orcelamiento on the need to curb the content related or with terrorism. They are more in disagreement with the demands that make judgments to eliminate "false news" and false messages. Since the revelation that Russian agents used social media to fuel discord during the 2016 campaign, some members of Congress have urged legislation to impose regulations on political advertising on social networks such as those applied to television.

Citing statistics

the companies' testimony about terrorist messages was information they had offered in the past, through blogs and other congressional hearings, to assure the government that they are working on the issue.

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