Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO

Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s account after Donald Trump continued his baseless claim to win the 2020 US presidential election.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, Twitter decided to ban Lindell, who founded the bedding company My Pillow due to “repeated violations” of his pillow integrity policy. The policy was implemented last September and was targeted to fight devolution.

It was not immediately clear which posts on Lindell triggered the suspension of his account.

Trump supporter, Lindell, has insisted that the presidential election was rigged even after US President Joe Biden’s administration began.

Major retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s have said they will stop carrying My Pillow’s products, Lindell previously said.

Lindell is also facing possible litigation from the Dominion voting system to claim that his voting machines played a role in the alleged election fraud. He also urged Trump to get his ballot to declare martial law in Minnesota and reverse the election.

Following the storm of the US Capitol earlier this month, Twitter has banned more than 70,000 accounts for sharing misinformation. Trump, who urged the crowd, has also permanently suspended his account.


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