Twitter, Facebook label Trump posts on Pennsylvania misleading ballots –

Twitter, Facebook label Trump posts on Pennsylvania misleading ballots

Twitter and Facebook on Monday added labels to President Trump’s posts stating that the state’s Supreme Court ruling on absentee ballots in Pennsylvania claimed “violence on the streets and rampant deception” and “inspired violence Will do. “

Why it matters: Twitter has taken a more direct stance in political tweets as an incorrect tweet than some counterparts like Facebook before the 2020 election.

Driving news: The Supreme Court last week refused a bid from Pennsylvania Republicans to expedite their request to reduce the deadline for receiving postal ballots.

Of comment: This is not the first time the tech giant has labeled a tweet of the president.

  • The site labeled a post by Trump last week that he baselessly claimed “major problems and discrepancies with mail inbots”. It also labeled another post last month that claimed COVID-19 is less deadly “in the majority of the population” than the flu.

what is he saying: The President tweeted And posted on Facebook “The Supreme Court’s decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a very dangerous one. It will cheat on a large scale and rampant and undermine the entire system of our laws. It will also inspire violence on the streets. Some Must do! “

What did they do: Twitter added a label to the tweet, stating, “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed and may be misleading about an election or other civil process.”

  • Facebook label reads “Voting by mail and voting in person both have a long history of trustworthiness in the US. Voter fraud is extremely rare with voting methods.”

For the record: Twitter banned users from retweeting or interacting with posts. The same post has been shared thousands of times by users on Facebook, which did not restrict engagement.


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